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"It seems to me that the common modern definition of justice is making strong laws and locking people up if they don't follow them; but the Biblical meaning of justice is making sure that all people in a society have equal access to food, shelter, a living wage, and the opportunity to live with dignity." - Stephen H. Wright

Clergy Support Memorial Church is part of the emerging church movement. The church is interfaith and inter - traditional in its makeup. Our emphasis is not on bricks or boards etc as in the traditional church. Our emphasis is on pastoral care, justice and outreach ministry to those who have no church through Funerals, Baptisms, Weddings and a myriad of other pastoral methoda.

Our original Church became incorporated by Letter Patent May 27, 1997 pursuant to the Canada Corporations Act. It was recognized as a registered charity May 27, 1998, Registration number #887274678RRR0001. Then our name was changed by Supplementary Letters Patent to the Clergy Support Memorial Church February 10/2011 to better reflect the wider Mission of the Church.

Beginning with one minister in 1994, Clergy Support Memorial Church now has well over 500 Ordained and Appointed ministers. Each of these ministers may lead in worship as they understand it or serve their people in a variety of ways. They may serve a pastoral charge(congregation,a branch,house church). Each local unit may serve in less traditional ways. Example, an an outreach ministry to Funeral Homes or a mission of the Church etc. Others are serving in a variety of situations as chaplains or counselors. All our clergy serve a gathered community of people attempting to minister and live out their particular faith tradition.

Clergy Support Memorial Church is now recognized by the Governments of Ontario, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec to solemnize marriage for any person who makes such a request.

Clergy Support Memorial Church has, as part of its mandate, the power to Ordain or Appoint. Thus, we have two categories of clergy associates that we credential. Depending on one's educational qualifications and ministry experience, one can be Ordained or Appointed to the order of ministry.

Our Church recognizes the credentials of other faith communities. Please see Standards of Ministry.

As we say above, we share our portion of the "truth" through pastoral care, teaching, counseling, chaplaincies (paid and volunteer), house churches, and social justice projects etc. Try us; you will like us!

Please feel free to contact our chief Governing Official K.D.`Casey` McKibbon if you have questions or need clarification on any matter raised. Contact Casey McKibbon.

We give back

Clergy Support Memorial Church is committed to giving back to the communities we serve and to the wider world around us.

Our many clergy across Canada also give back to their individual communities both financially and with their time as volunteers.

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Please feel free to contact our chief Governing Official if you have questions or need clarification on any matter raised.

Casey McKibbon

Casey McKibbon
Chief Governing Official