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A passion to reach those who live beyond the reach of traditional fellowship culture

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Our History (Nova Scotia)

Many years before we were ever recognized as a religious society by the Nova Scotia Government in 2008 we were already established in the province. We were meeting together in various communities for fellowship and worship.

Some worship still take place in minister’s or adherent’s homes and back yards. At cottages and larger rented facilities. By that and other methods we hope to grow our numbers.

In times past we rented space and held monthly meetings in Wiswel Chapel before it closed and was demolished in 2014 and other buildings of senior care facilities.

We do not envision our fellowship ever taking on the maintenance of any building in Nova Scotia as it would be a terrible drain on our time and resources so we rent.

For regular larger gatherings we still use a successful space-sharing arrangement with various denominations, organizations, and hotels in the city and surrounding areas.

It has been a difficult time to stay established with people in our culture being so mobile. Here at one service and then in Calgary a few weeks later but we persist.

Our original fellowship community has expanded to include what we call satellite fellowships. Each appointed minister uses their own home as an office and most weeks a place of worship.

Like St Paul who was described as a tent maker in the Bible they all must sustain themselves through various means of employment etc. In fellowship parlance these are called tent making ministries. In addition, our ministers receive a small stipend from their local supporters.

All these pastoral units gather together regularly for a larger meeting of the original extended body who has oversite of each one. Ministers of the satellite units rotate in leading the main gathered community. Because of scheduling problems regarding space rentals these regular monthly meeting places are announced as to the date, place and time at the call of the chief Governing Official.

The good news is that as of November 16th 2016 we now have a more permanent worship space in Halifax. We will be meeting in Veith House an old historical building in the North End. Other fellowshipes have met in the space in the past. In addition to the worship/meeting space on the main floor we have also leased a third floor office. We are excited that our long search is over. With this development we will be able to build more stability into our scheduling and visibility for our Fellowship and our extended flock.