Clergy Support Memorial Fellowship

A passion to reach those who live beyond the reach of traditional fellowship culture

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Standards of Ministry

  1. The Ordered Ministry of the Clergy Support Memorial Fellowship shall consist of clergy who are Appointed or Ordained.
  2. The Ordered or Appointed Ministry may take many forms and expressions.
  3. Candidates for the Ordered Ministry when accepted may be Appointed to meet a specific need of the Fellowship under the designation Designated Minister.
  4. A Designated Minister may be assigned exclusively to the ministry of conducting Life Celebrations like Funerals, Baptisms and Wedding Ceremonies.
  5. A lay person may be a candidate for the Order of Ministry because of their previous life experience. Previous life experience will include academic experiences, family, financial responsibilities, work history and age etc. Life experience will be treated as analogous to academic training.
  6. Life Learning. All Candidates will give Clergy Support Memorial Fellowship an undertaking that they shall pursue a course of study to improve their Ministerial skills on a continuing basis once accepted.
  7. Such continuing education programs will be available for review by the Governing official at his/her pleasure.
  8. All candidates Ordained by and in good standing with another Religious Body may present their ministerial credentials to Clergy Support Memorial Fellowship for recognition. If accepted they may be recognized as Ordered Ministers and transferred to the Fellowship’s roll.
  9. The duty of inquiry into the personal character, doctrinal beliefs, and general fitness for ministry of all candidates shall be laid upon the Chief Governing official of the Fellowship or his/her delegate.
  10. The Ordered or Appointed Ministry shall be open to all persons no matter their gender or sexual orientation.
  11. Candidates will be physically fit as per a medical examination.
  12. The Privacy of each candidate will be protected as per the Privacy Act.
  13. Any minister who upon review is deemed not qualified to minister according to the rites and usages of the Fellowship may be removed from the roll and the respective Provincial Government notified.
  14. All such actions may be reviewed upon the request for an appeal by the minister removed.
  15. Each successful candidate may be nominated to the respective Provincial authorities to be registered to solemnize marriage in their Province of residence and service. This nomination will be at the discretion of the Chief Governing Official.

All qualified Ministries will be organized into at least one of the following divisions below.

1. A Mission

One or more groups of people meeting together and recognized by the National Church Board, but not fully organized or constituted as a Pastoral Charge or a Congregation by the Clergy Support Memorial Fellowship. Examples of such missions are: a branch or local unit, a House Fellowship, a study group, various midweek groups meeting for mutual Pastoral Care, etc. It is normal that these units of outreach are headquartered in the pastor’s home.

2. An Outreach Ministry

Is a ministry other than a Pastoral Charge or Mission. Examples of Outreach Ministries are conducting Life Celebrations such as weddings. In the case of Appointed ministers whose primary focus is on conducting life celebrations, their offices will normally be in their homes. Other examples include various types of chaplaincies such as: hospital chaplains, nursing home chaplains (paid or volunteer), university or penal institution chaplains, outreach to various ethnic minorities, involvement in homeless shelters and various social service centers, community projects, other chaplaincies, street ministries of social justice, etc.

3. A Pastoral Charge

Means one or more congregations constituted by the Fellowship into a pastoral unit that meets for worship according to the polity of the Clergy Support Memorial Fellowship.

If you are comfortable with the foregoing and you would like to enter the candidacy process just send us an email. All questions will be answered quickly ditto on request for more information. Please send an email telling us something about yourself to Contact Casey McKibbon.